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Scuri, S. (2017).  The Experience of Immersion in the Web Environment: an Overview. Polimi Design PhD_017: 10 PhD thesis on Design as we do in POLIMI. 82–100.
Scuri, S. (2016).  The Immersive Effect in Communication of Territory: A new Design Approach to Satisfy Cultural Tourism Demand. Proceedings of the 11th International European Academy of Design Conference "The Value of Design Research".
Scuri, S., Chiodo E., & Calabi D. Anna (2016).  Translating Place Identity into Transmedia Communication Systems. Proceedings of the 6th International Forum of Design as a Process "SYSTEMS & DESIGN. BEYOND PROCESSES AND THINKING".
Scuri, S., & Calabi D. Anna (2015).  Communication design for accessing cultural landscape. Strategic Design Research Journal. 8(1), 29–35.
Calabi, D. Anna, Chiodo E., & Scuri S. (2015).  Experience, Immersion and Perception: Communication Design for Urban and Natural Environments. Proceedings of the XIII International Forum Le Vie dei Mercanti. "Heritage and Technology: Mind, Knowledge, Experience".
Scuri, S., & Calabi D. Anna (2014).  Communication Design for Urban Environment. Formats for an accessible communication of places. Proceedings of the 5th International Forum of Design as a Process "The shapes of the future as the front end of design driven innovation".
Baule, G., Calabi D. Anna, & Scuri S. (2014).  Narrare il Territorio: Dispositivi e Strategie d'Innovazione per gli Spazi Percepiti. Proceedings of the 5th STS Italia Conference "A Matter of Design. Making Society Through Science and Technology".