Peter Lyle, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Expertise Areas:
Interaction Design, Participatory Design, Human–Computer Interaction

I am a postdoc research fellow at M-ITI, with a background in HCI, interaction design, participatory design and urban informatics. I completed my PhD with the Urban Informatics lab at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, exploring the potential for interaction design to be applied to urban agriculture communities. My recent work has focused on the socio-technical theories of ‘infrastructuring’ – exploring the complex relationships between people, data, systems and infrastructure – and that of ‘artifact ecologies’ – the interconnected constellation of technologies and services people interact with as part of daily life. My work at M-ITI has focuses on contributing an IT design perspective to the H2020 project PIE NEWS/Commonfare, which seeks to foster solidarity among people at risk of social exclusion and poverty in Europe as a result of conditions including low income, precarious employment and unemployment.