Paulo Lobo, PhD
Invited Assistant Professor at University of Madeira

Teaching Activities:

Bachelor and Master of Civil Engineering at University of Madeira

My curriculum focused, until recently, on the field of analysis and design of civil engineering structures, in which I have completed my master’s and Ph.D degree. The latter was developed in the area of seismic protection of structures with semi-active control devices.

Nevertheless, the academic qualification of a civil engineer is broad. Recently I have become interested in the field of energy performance of buildings. This topic is central to policies and protocols related to climate change and, consequently, in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, with significant financial packages attributed to incentive programs, both for research and technology implementation, namely in Horizonte 2020 and in PROCiência 2020. Thus, in the future I intend to focus my research on areas related to rehabilitation centered on energy performance and integration of energy production technology. Accordingly, I recently attended a course on the SouthZEB Training and Certification Framework (high energy performance of buildings through the adoption of nearly zero energy balance concepts): Module 1 - Basic nZEB Module; Module 2 -Advanced nZEB Module; Module 8 - rehabilitation toward nZEB buildings; Module 10 -preparation of financing plans and other incentives for nZEB Buildings.