Marisa Cohn, PhD
Research Fellow

Expertise Areas:
Design Methods, human-centered computing
Research Projects:

Design Methods, human-centered computing

Marisa Cohn is a visiting scholar at M-ITI within the ERA Chair Team. With a faculty position at the IT University of Copenhagen, Marisa will be collaborating with the ERA Chair team in developing new and existing projects.

Her research brings together approaches from Human Computer Interaction, Anthropology, and Science and Technology Studies for the study of sociotechnical systems. She conducts ethnographic research on software systems and computational work, focusing on the cultures and politics of design in organizations and digital societies.

Her research interests include materiality of computing, infrastructure studies, design ethnography, embodiment and temporality, software studies, and feminist and critical theory. Her current work examines the relationship between computational work and time in the case of a long-lived computational infrastructure project supporting on ongoing NASA-ESA space science mission. This project considers how people's careers are shaped by obsolescence and how they approach concerns of legacy, inheritance and survival of computational practices at the end of project life-cycles.