Mariacristina Sciannamblo, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Expertise Areas:
Participatory design, computer supported cooperative work, science and technology studies, feminist technoscience studies

I'm a postdoc research fellow at M-ITI, with a PhD in Sociology and Applied Social Sciences from University of Rome Sapienza. My doctoral work concerned the study of Information Technology within the interdisciplicary fields of Science and Technology Studies and Feminist Technoscience Studies. Empirically, I carried out an investigation on two distinct issues. The first one focuses on the shortage of women in computing by mapping those networks and initiatives (Girls Geek Dinner, Ubuntu Women, Microsoft Pink Cloud, Rails Girls, etc.) committed to promoting gender awareness in the high-tech industry. The second one is a two-years ethnographic study within an Italian telecom company, focusing primarily on the development and implementation of digital tools aimed at supporting the cooperative work among different teams and the entire process of organizing. I have been interested in understanding how the development and implementation of technical tools and infrastructures shape workplace practices as well as how different organizational actors fit, adapt or conflict with changing environments as telecoms industry is.

My current work revolves around participatory desing for public and social issues such as poverty, lack of income, unemployment.