Jude Mukundane
PhD Candidate
PhD student

Expertise Areas:
Grassroots Radio, Technology for Development
Research Projects:

Grassroots Radio, Technology for Development

Jude Mukundane is a technology enthusiast with a bias for technology solutions for the

societies least placed on the socio-economic scale. A graduate of Computer Science 

from Makerere, Jude is now enrolled as a student at the Madeira Interactive 

Technologies Institute and IST Portugal pursuing a PhD in Networked Cyber-physical 

Systems. While working at Uganda Telecom, he helped develop Mobile phone based 

birth registration for the Ugandan Government in conjunction with UNICEF and is 

advising on its implementation in Mozambique. With RootIO, Jude is building inexpensive 

low power FM radio stations to hand control of FM radio to the people who depend on 

radio the most. Jude has also been interacting with the DW Team in Uganda to build 

telephony tools to foster freedom of expression over FM radio.