Catia Prandi, PhD
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Expertise Areas:
Geographical HCI; Sustainable HCI; Mobile HCI; Social and Pervasive sensing; Personalized and Smart Mobility; Crowdsourcing/Crowdsensing; Accessibility and inclusion in urban environment
Research Projects:

CiViTAS DESTINATIONS (http://civitas.eu/destinations)

The project builds up an integrated approach to address mobility and tourism, testing balanced strategies to face the rising challenges of these two growing sectors and to achieve sustainable development and a better quality of life in Funchal, Limassol, Rethymno, Elba, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Valetta.

In particular, my research is related to:

- Gamification as a way to induce behavioural change in Mobility;

- Smart metering/sensing and user generated content to improve planning and mobility services;

- Smart PT traveller information service.

Catia Prandi holds a Bachelor Degree and a Master Degree (cum laude) in Computer Science from the University of Bologna. In May 2016, she obtained her PhD Degree at the University of Bologna with the thesis titled "Participatory Sensing and Crowdsourcing in Urban Environment".

Since 2017 she is working as post-doc fellow at M-ITI, and as post-doc researcher at ARDITI in the H2020 CiViTAS DESTINATIONS project.

At the University of Bologna, she was Adjunct Professor for two courses, one in the bachelor’s degree program and the other one in the master’s degree program in Computer Science. She has been involved in different national and international projects, related to various topics, as e-learning, accessibility, inclusion, personalized urban mobility, gamification/gameful experiences, user’s experience and HCI. Her current research interests are mostly related to HCI and urban data science, and, in particular on how to explore pervasive sensing systems, social sensing and crowdsourcing/crowdsensing to gather data about the environment and how to visualize this data for informing communities about relevant topics, such as sustainability, accessibility, and inclusion.

She was a visiting researcher at M-ITI (Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute) in 2014 and at the KMi (Knowledge Media Institute), Milton Keynes, UK, in 2015. Her research interests include: Web technologies, Multimodal Interaction, Web Accessibility, E-learning, Smart city and pervasive technologies and devices.


A complete list of my pubblications is available on my personal website.