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Team WavesFM is working with RootIO (Uganda). Their goal is to research the diversity of the Ugandan diaspora in order to determine how Ugandans abroad can use technology to contribute to their homeland in ways other than personal financial support (remittances).

Many of those in the Ugandan diaspora first move to Europe or America for increased higher education opportunities; they are eager to share their experiences with others in Uganda and advise them on the pros and cons of studying abroad. WavesFM is building a mentor matching platform to pair prospective students in Uganda with diaspora members who have been through the college application process in other countries. We aim to open the doors to even more promising Ugandan students who want guidance through the schooling, moving, and career processes, but feel like they don't have anyone to go to for help.

RootIO aims to rebuild radio in the era of wifi and peer production, for and with rural communities in the global south. We start with “microstations” powered only by small, inexpensive FM transmitters and Android smartphones. For the 90% of the world’s population that doesn’t live in a handful of rich countries, radio is how most people get their news and information. 

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