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Team Collective's project  centered around COLLAB’s OnePBX, a powerful multi-tenant SIP based IP PBX solution. The project demonstrates the results from a user-centered design which focused on real life customer experiences to address the needs of an increasingly mobile workforce.

OneTouch represents a revolution in unified communications. OneTouch empowers the mobile workforce by providing a usercentric mobile experience that puts you in control, whether your at work or at home. OneTouch’s design went beyond current solutions to address the needs of the mobile workforce. Whether your on a call or checking emails, OneTouch’s mobile experience puts everything you need, OneTouch away. OneTouch connects you to the people and places that matter to you – whether it is business or personal. OneTouch’s design was inspired by roadwarriors to meet the demands of a workforce on the go. With OneTouch, your always in control of your mobile communications.


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