Node.js, more than back-end JavaScript: industry, use cases and community insights

 by Pedro Teixeira on February 25th, 2:30 pm @ Classroom

Ever since being introduced in 2009, Node.js has enjoyed unprecedented growth and has been heavily adopted by the software industry. JavaScript is quickly on its way to world domination: it is the language of user interfaces, databases, IoT and now, with Node.js, the language being used server-side.
In this talk we’ll analyse all the inside facts behind the hype: what makes this a great platform, its main use cases, the companies driving it and the community around Node.js.
About the Author:
Pedro is a programmer, freelancer, and entrepreneur. He is the author of some Node.js modules, the Node Tuts screencast show, and the Hands-on Node.js e-book and overall fervent proclaimer of the Node.js creed. He wrote Professional Node.js (Wiley), Hands-on Node.js (self-published) and some other books featuring the same subject. He is the organizer of the Lisbon JavaScript Conference (LXJS) and is also a partner at YLD, a London-based consulting firm specializing in Node.js.
Presentation Agenda:
* Trend watching
* JavaScript rules the World
* Client-side (Web, Cordova)
* Databases (CouchDB, Riak, MongoDB, LevelDB)
* IoT
* Back-end
* Industry adoption of Node.js
* Walmart
* Microsoft
* Many many Others
* Personal Experience
* What makes Node great?
* JIFASNIF: Javascript Is Fun And So Node Is Fun
* NPM: Package Management done right
* Respecting The Unix Philosophy: Modularity
* Scalability at your fingertips (handling of clients, streaming, etc.)
* Node Use Cases
* Smart Proxy
* Micro-services
* Real-time (event-driven programming)
* Node is Not PHP, Rails or Django
* Low-level programming: different levels of abstraction
* More control over the platform
* Is fragmentation a good thing?
* The Community
* Conferences
* The People behind Node.js
* IO.js: what’s up with that?
* Q&A