Interactive Storytelling and Gaming

This topic of research focuses on the design of digitally mediated interactive experiences, aiming at creating awareness and stimulating change towards societal challenges and pressing issues such as the preservation of natural and cultural patrimonies. From conception to prototyping and evaluation, the work unfolds across the domains of digital Interactive Storytelling, Gaming, and Entertainment, exploring the creation of novel experiences and evaluations paradigms for a wide variety of audiences. With a focus on mobile networked technologies, mixed realities and immersive media, we conceive, design and produce gaming and narrative experiences that connect people, local cultures and community through the exploration of real physical locations and their site-specific values.


  • Beanstalk, 2015-2018 (3 years); Consortium: Madeira-ITI, Madeira Promotional Bureau, Budget: 322K€. MADEIRA 14-20 FEDER funded project. Involvement: Principal Investigator (PI); Co-PI Nuno Nunes
  • Future Fabulators, 2012-2014 (2 years). Consortium: Time’s Up, Madeira-ITI, FoAM, Alt Art, EU culture and Media funds Overall Budget: 200K€ of which 50 K to M-TI. Involvement: Co-proponent, M-ITI Principal Investigator. Coordinated by Time’s Up (Linz, Austria)


References to the Research

  • Nisi, V., Dionisio, M., Barreto, M., Nunes, N., (2017). A Mixed reality neighborhood tour: understanding visitor experience and perceptions. The manuscript has been accepted subject to minor revisions to the Elsevier Journal Entertainment Computing in January 2018  (to appear).
  • Nisi, V., Jorge, C., Nunes, N., & Hanna, J. (2016). “Madeira Story Generator: Prospecting Serendipitous Storytelling in Public Spaces”. Entertainment Computing. Volume 16, July 2016, Pages 15–27. Elsevier,
  • Prandi, C., Roccetti, M., Salomoni, P., Nisi, V., Nunes J.N., (2016); “Fighting exclusion: a multimedia mobile app with zombies and maps as a medium for civic engagement and design”, Multimedia Tools and Applications, Special Issue on Multimedia for Advanced Human-Computer Interaction, Guest Editors: Maria De Marsico and Daniela Fogli, Springer.

Sources to Corroborate the Impact

  • Ha-Vita (, "Trasmedia at the Service of Nature" project,  has been approved to be included in, the official Regional Madeiran tourism site, by the "Chefe de Divisão de Informação e Projetos Turísticos" Clara Noronha, Chefe de Divisão de Informação e Projetos Turísticos, Secretaria Regional do Turismo e Cultura
  • October 2017 The “Fragment of Laura/ Ha Vita” - Transmedia at the service of nature; the project was selected as a finalist for the Film Interactive 2017, Festival of Interactive Comunication, CONTENT OF THE FUTURE, 17th October 2017, The Film School, Lodz, Poland and presented at the Innovation zone at the European Economic Forum, Lodz, Poland.
  • May 2016: Google IoT research award. Google Technology Research Award Pilot of the Internet of Things (IoT) - awarded to: iBeFUN - Beacons for Fun, we proposed to use Beacons in an mobile-based, transmedia narrative, conceived to stimulate awareness in tourists visiting the island of Madeira, about the local biodiversity  and natural capital.
  • October 2015 First prize awarded to the project “Yasmine’s Adventures” Entertainment Computing for Good - Grand Challenge. IFIP International Conference for Entertainment Computing 2015 (Prize: an Apple Air laptop Computer).