Energy Disaggregation and Novel Eco Feedback Approaches

The work in this topic addresses the practical implications of deploying and long-term testing Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) and novel eco-feedback approaches in real-world scenarios.
Overall, the research contributions in this topic are centered around: i) the design, implementation and long-term deployment of energy disaggregation and eco-feedback technologies in real world scenarios [1], ii) the development of tools and datasets for energy disaggregation and eco-feedback research [2], and iii) experimental comparison of performance metrics for event detection and event classification algorithms using real-world datasets [3].
Ultimately, so far, this work has led to the successful application of 3 Research & Development grants: i) the Smart Solar Energy Monitoring and Management project (SmartSolar), where our hardware-software platforms were used to simultaneously monitor energy consumption and micro-production from solar PV installations, ii) the H2020 SME instrument phase I, with (a M-ITI spin-off for sustainable energy research and development) aimed at developing and exploring business feasibility of the EnerSpectrum energy monitoring and eco-feedback platform for domestic environments, and iii) the H2020 Smart Island Energy Systems project (SMILE) aimed at demonstration the real-word applicability of Demand Side Management and Smart-charging of Electric Vehicles in Madeira Island.



References to the Research

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