Digitally Supported Participatory and Collaborative Welfare

The impact case “Commonfare” draws upon the work undertaken by the H2020 funded project “PIE News”, GA 687922. The project combines socio-economic research with the participatory design of digital technologies in order to promote the emergence of commonfare, intended as a new  form of welfare model based on social collaboration. To achieve such goal, a digital platform ( is designed and it allows people to: 1) inform and get informed about institutional welfare provisions, 2) share stories about bottom-up collaborative welfare practices; 3) support the scaling of the most promising bottom-up practices. Halfway through the project, Commonfare has already interested thousands of people through the research activities (>250 participants), communication activities (organic reach of 7000 people on Facebook with more than 1000 “like” on the project page), and public events (with the participation/organization of 15 completed events and the future organization of other 22).



  •  “Commonfare / PIE News”, Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement 687922


References to the Research

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Sources to Corroborate the Impact