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A plan of study that combines the experience at CMU and Madeira

The Carnegie Mellon|Portugal Masters in Human Computer Interaction runs over a 16-month full time schedule, incorporating a three month summer break in which students are encouraged to complete internships. Starting in Pittsburgh in August, all students spend their first semester at Carnegie Mellon and then transition to Madeira for the remaining two, including the entire duration of the capstone project. Whilst in Madeira, students will communicate with their peers across the Atlantic via video conference.

A typical study plan (including course options) is shown below:

Semester 1 (Fall, Carnegie Mellon)

August - December

  • 05-600 HCI Pro Seminar

  • 05-610 User-Centered Research and Evaluation

  • Elective 1 (Interaction Design Fundamentals)
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3

Carnegie Mellon HCII Course Info

Semester 2 (Spring, Madeira)

January - May


Semester 3 (Fall, Madeira)

September - December


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