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The Madeira Program will not be accepting new students for the 2017 admissions cycle.

Do you want to be able to design and implement software systems that can be used easily, effectively and enjoyably? Look no further…

The Human Computer Interaction Institute (HCII) at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Madeira offer a professional Masters dual degree in Human-Computer Interaction under the CMU/Portugal agreement and with the cooperation of the Information and Communication Technologies Institute (ICTI).

Scholarships: If available, students admitted to the MHCI will be eligible for scholarships from company sponsors.











Program Overview

 1. Goals: The Human-Computer Interaction  (HCI) Masters program prepares you to participate in the design and implementation of software systems that can be used easily, effectively, and enjoyably. With a Masters in HCI,  you will be prepared to contribute in the multi-disciplinary teams that typically construct software systems. You will gain a broad understanding of techniques for building  successful user interfaces, design principles that  make user interfaces visually clear and appealing, techniques for identifying a softwares needs and its success, and understanding the people and organizations that will use the systems.


2. Interdisciplinary Orientation: The MHCI program has an interdisciplinary orientation, with faculty and students from Computer Science, Design and Behavioral Sciences. The program takes three semesters to complete, one semester at Carnegie Mellon and the other two at M-ITI (University of Madeira). The curriculum consists of twelve conventional semester-long courses and an extensive team-oriented studio/project experience. You will take courses to obtain a broad background in computer science, human behavior, design, evaluation and assessment, and you may elect to take more advanced courses to increase your knowledge in a more specific area.


3. Capstone Project: The MHCI Project course is an eight-month long capstone project for the Masters of HCI program and integrates the topics that the students have learned in their coursework into one "end-to-end" experience. Students work in interdisciplinary teams with an industry sponsor to produce a working prototype that serves as a proof of concept of a new service or product idea.

Past and current sponsors in the Portugal program include Porto Bay Hotels, Collab, ExictosPortugal Telecom, MEO, Sapo, Critical Software, Novabase, PT Inovação, Vodafone, Parque Natural da Madeira, Outsystems, Wow!Systems, and several others. Get a glimpse of our latest projects here.


4. Summer Internships: The Madeira program includes a three-month summer break between the second and third semesters. We encourage students to make the most of this time through internships. Previous hosting institutions include:


5. Admission and Requirements: Students admitted to the HCI program are required to have a strong undergraduate degree or comparable work experience in computer science, a behavioral science (psychology, sociology, anthropology, or organizational behavior), or visual or information design. Students are expected to have had at least one course in statistics, design, and programming prior to entry into the program.


6. More Info: Send us an email to or chat with students, staff and alumni on Facebook. You can also explore Madeira and the University of Madeira and M-ITI using Google Maps.


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