MSc in Computer Science

The Master of Science degree in Computer Science is a program in the Bolonha agreement and offers a degree awarded by the University of Madeira.

Computer Engineering is currently present in all areas essential to economical and social advancement. Whether developing information visualisation tools, air traffic or ambulance control systems, this branch of engineering has a determinant impact on the decisions that affect our daily lives. It is a collaborative, interdisciplinary activity which requires transversal skills at the level of management, technology, leadership and imagination. Computer engineers shall be able to: conceive, shape, develop, operate and maintain computer applications, information systems, computational architectures and data networks; Deal with complexities and abstraction, and to easily adapt to the constant technological changes in this area.


Main Career Options

Services: banking, insurance companies, tourism, culture and entertainment; Industry: planning, design, production and maintenance of software and hardware systems; Central, regional and local Government; Creation of self employment opportunities: governmental and community support to innovation and entrepreneurship, great economic viability and great success and growth potential.



Applications are open usually from May to June. Learn more here.


Program Director

Karolina Baras
Phone: +351 291 705 194
Email: karolina.baras(at)