Management of Madeira-ITI

Madeira-ITI is managed by a general assembly, a management board, and an executive director. It is controlled by a financial council and supervised by an advisory council.


General Assembly

Advisory Council

  Prof. Dr. José Manuel Carmo
President, Rector of the University of Madeira
Dr. Francisco Maçaroco
Chairman of Madeira Tecnopolo
Prof. Dr. Mark Kamlet
Provost of Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Luís Pedro Mota

Donald Norman
Professor Emeritus, UCSD

Cameron Tonkinwise
Professor Carnegie Mellon University

Gregory Abowd
Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology

Lucy Suchman
Professor at Lancaster University

Norbert Streitz
Scientific Director of Smart Future Initiative
Rigo 23
Muralist, Painter, Political Artist

Soromenho Marques
Professor at University of Lisbon


Management Board

  Institute Fellow  

Fiscal council

Nuno Nunes Nuno Jardim Nunes, PhD
President of the Board
Associate Professor
Larry Constantine Larry Constantine, IDSA, ACM Fellow
  José Eduardo Gonçalves (chair)
Clemente Aguiar
Emília Pimenta
Elise Leclerc Elise Leclerc,
Executive Director
Robert Spence Robert Spence, PhD
Institute Fellow
valentina nisi Valentina Nisi, PhD
Vice President
Assistant Professor

Program Director - MHCI


Program Director - MEI



Simone Ashby Mónica Cameirão, PhD
Assistant Professor
karaolina baras Karolina Baras, PhD
Assistant Professor

Program Director - PAHT



luisa soares Luisa Soares, PhD
Assistant Professor