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Studying at M-ITI brings you into an international research environment in a wonderful place in Europe. Our institute in Madeira is one of the top-level institutes in Europe in the areas of HCI, Computer Science, and Entertainment Technology. Your study in any of these areas will give you the opportunity to gain experience in a research-driven organization with many ongoing research projects that enjoy both national and international collaboration.


madeira-live ccIf you're from outside Portugal

Madeira is one of the autonomous outer regions of Portugal, and thus part of the European Community. The archipelago of Madeira is situated in the Atlantic ocean, about 1.5 hour's flight distance from mainland Portugal. The University of Madeira is a young but ambitious university and has established a strategic partnership with both regional and national industries as well as the HCI Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. Our Professional Masters of Human-Computer Interaction will send you to classes at CMU for the first semester and to Madeira for the second and third, where you will work in more classes and on an industry-based research and design project with high visibility and impact. Graduating from this program gives you a degree from the University of Madeira as well as one from Carnegie Mellon University.

Read more about the Master of Human-Computer Interaction and the Master of Entertainment Technology through the links on the left of this page. Other useful information can be found in the Student Survival Guide from CMU|Portugal.


If you're from Portugal

Our institute offers you the opportunity to study nearby, yet in an international and top-level environment. Whether you choose the Computer Science track, the Master of HCI or the Master of Entertainment Technology, you will be working with our team of multi-disciplinary faculty. Your studies will enable you to position yourself at the top of the market, with a portfolio of experiences and up-to-date expertise that will attract employers world-wide. The MSc program in Computer Science rewards you with a degree from the University of Madeira, in accordance with the Bologna agreement.

More information about the MSc in Computer science, the Master of Human-Computer Interaction and the Master of Entertainment Technology through the links on the left of this page.



You can find more information about studying in Madeira here.

And information you might need as a Prospective Student.


Estimated Cost of Attendance

Costs listed are related to the time students spend at Madeira. Please refer to our partners website for cost when studying abroad.

All prices quoted in the below table are per semester.


Cost Type At Carnegie Mellon In Madeira  Information
Tuition $0 USD €12.000 Eur Due to the University of Madeira, per semester. Students awarded scholarships in the dual-degree programs do not need pay additional tuition fees to Carnegie Mellon University. Additional support is available for EU nationals - please contact for details.

2016 - 2017

Flights Between Campuses











See Carnegie Mellon site for additional info on costs during first semester

€900 Eur €650-€800 (largely dependent on dates and how much in advance you book)
Activity Fee €10 Eur Students union enrollment for one year is €10 per academic year (check here for further info)
Enrollment Fee €20 Eur  
Room €1.000 Eur - €1.250 Eur In 3 bedroom shared apartments - between €200 and €300 per person a month, utilities included
Board €430 Eur University cantine - open from Monday to Saturday (only for lunch on Saturdays) - a full meal costs 2.65 Euro if booked the previous day (a weekly menu is available in advance). It costs 2.85 if booked on the day.
€600 Eur Out - fast-food/light meals at lunch time - from 5 to 7.5 pp; more "formal" restaurants - 15 to 20 pp
€200 Eur Simple breakfast at UMa - 1.50 to 2.50 Euros
Books and Supplies €200 Eur Approximate Cost (depending on course options)



Health Insurance

€150 Eur to €1.000 Eur/year From €150 to €1000 per year: varies considerably from company to company (and the country in which it is issued) and the level and nature of the cover. It is mandatory that you have a health insurance when you apply for your visa. As long as it covers your access to the public health system it is enough and appropriate.
€625 Eur €125 per month. This is a social security alternative for those who do not have private health insurance. You can subscribe to it after your arrival in Portugal. However, please remember that for visa purposes you need show proof of alternative insurance (e.g from Carnegie Mellon). In case of Carnegie Mellon insurance, you can cancel it from the date you depart the US and receive a partial reimbursement. The social security insurance entitles you to free medical treatment and appointments in public hospitals and clinics. Dental treatment are not provided in the public health system.


Personal and Misc

€37,5 Eur Mobile Communications - a "Moche" plan costs you €7.5 per month and entitles you to free sms and calls between "Moche" subcribers - it is by far the most popular plan amoung our students - ask for details when you arrive in Madeira.
€180 Eur Mobile Internet Plans 
€200 Eur For Cable + Internet + fixed line packs 
Transportation €230 Eur Bus pass for Funchal costs 46 Euros per month
PAT Fee Not Applicable  
Technology Fee Not Applicable