Phd in Computer Science


This is a 2 year full-time PhD in Computer Science Program directed by UMa (Universidade da Madeira) in partnership with M-ITI, with the primary goal of contributing to graduate highly qualified professionals and researchers in the area of computer science.

In this PhD program, students have the chance to be co-supervised and oriented by our researchers and faculty members, also having the chance to work on their research subjects and also do several of the program courses at M-ITI's facilities - contributing for improving theirs skills in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction and Entertainment Technology. 

The Program accepts students from ther areas of computer science, software and informatics engineering, and will prepare them to conduct autonomous research projects both in the academic and economic sector. It will also give them high qualifications to think and organize complex systems as well as finding the best solutions to several and real context problems. 

You can find more informations about this program or see how to apply here.