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P2P value and shared equity: Intellectual Property in Open Value Networks

Alex Pazaitis
26th January 2017 - 17:00


Commons-based peer production (CBPP) is a new modality of production that has been exemplified from numerous Free/ Open Source Software projects and Wikipedia and has thenceforth spun to various domains of digital and material production. CBPP enables a unique productive capacity based on voluntary contributions by loosely interconnected individuals, with no predefined hierarchy or control over resources. Inevitably, it poses many challenges to legal frameworks and institutions concerning working relations, resource planning, value accounting and property. The Open Value Network is an attempt to develop a viable structure for CBPP, so as to harness its productive dynamics while ensuring efficiency and sustainable livelihoods for the contributors. Two illustrative cases of Open Value Networks will guide us through the discussion of the new types of arrangements that are shaping the CBPP ecosystem.


Short Bio:

Alexandros (Alex) Pazaitis is Research Fellow at the P2P Lab, an interdisciplinary research hub, community-driven makerspace and spin-off of the P2P Foundation and the Ragnar Nurkse School of Innovation and Governance. Alex is involved in numerous research activities, including the authoring of scholarly papers and the participation in research and innovation projects. He has professional experience in project management and has worked as a consultant for private and public organizations in various EU-funded cooperation projects. His research interests include technology governance; innovation policy and sustainability; distributed manufacturing; commons, open cooperativism and blockchain-based collaboration.


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