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The Newton Machine - Making Energy at the Edge Exhibition

22nd February 2018

The Newton Machine is the winner of the II Cultural Innovation International Prize, which is now exhibited at the CCCB, Barcelona. It's a design manual and prototype for an energy storage device, made with a local community using their tools, spare  parts, and expertise. It takes us from the power socket, ‘through the  wall’ to the energy infrastructure behind. The Reconstrained Design Group worked with Eday island, Scotland, to create this exhibition of  demonstration machines.
Photos of the opening event:
For more information:
Where: Sales d’exposicions
Date: until April 15, 2018 | 11am - 8pm from Tuesday to Sunday (free admission)

Photo by: Miquel Taverna

The Newton Machine was broadcast at the local news (RTP Madeira: Notícias do Atlântico and Aldeia Global)



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