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Working together in a dynamic, cosmopolitan, friendly environment

M-ITI is a small but diverse community. Over the years, M-ITI has hosted students and researchers from more than 40 different countries. At M-ITI, one can meet and work with dedicated and inspiring faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds, in a cosmopolitan, dynamic, friendly environment. Below is a list of all the people belonging to our community, including faculty, researchers, students, alumni, and staff, sortable by role.

MHCI student
HCI, User research, Social networking, activating environments
Assistant Professor, Vice President of M-ITI
Location Aware Narrative, Service Design, Embodiment, Sustainability, Digital Culture and Media
+351 291 70 5191
PhD Candidate in Digital Media
Museums, User experience, Teenagers, Co-design, Interaction design, Gamification, Storytelling
+351 967 972 390
Visiting Professor
Pervasive and ubiquitous computing, Human-Computer Interaction, Social networks, Security, Privacy
MET alumnus, Research Assistant
Research Assistant
+351 964 04 3799


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Our strategic priority is always to attract the best talent to Madeira, from students to junior and senior faculty, that can help make M-ITI an excellence centre in HCI research and design-driven innovation. M-ITI's research team is currently around 50 people (including faculty and PhD students) and a cohort of more than 400 current and former postgraduate students, supported by a dedicated group of staff. This vibrant and enthusiastic community represents more than 40 different nationalities from four continents.
We believe that excellence, in particular in one of the most remote regions of Europe, can only be achieved by attracting and retaining the best people from around the world.

This map illustrates the origins of the members of M-ITI. Each marker indicates the origin of one of our colleagues or students.


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