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Team Pandere created RetailDetail, a virtual crossroads for companies users, and their friends. It allows companies to engage customers through new channels, track content that matters to customers, and create experiences that impress. 

This project is a colloborative effort between six masters students in the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) program at Carnegie Mellon University and the University Of Madeira, and Collab.

The Challenge

With the arrival and spread of social networks comes benefits and challenges for both individuals and businesses. While businesses have been able to take advantage of social networks to improve their visibility, marketing efforts, and customer support, they also have had to tackle the difficulty of reacting to and managing negative publicity that disseminates extremely quickly, and is difficult to react to and control. The overall goal was tackling the challenge of social networks for technology companies like Collab.

The Solution

It allows users to seek first hand experience with products and services, get feedback from those that they trust, and connect with companies in more meaningful and individual ways. RetailDetail is a web application within Facebook that allows businesses to create and share content with users, as well as collaborate with users to make the most informed purchasing decision possible. Users can not only collect and organize their own research on products and services within open spaces called workspaces, but also can connect and collaborate with their Facebook friends by sharing their workspaces. The overall goal of the application is to seamlessly integrate the processes of product content collection, organization, collaboration and sharing. The core purpose of RetailDetail is to search for products and services, collect and organize information about those products and services, share that information with friends and offer help to friends who shared their information. Users will often begin their experience in RetailDetail by searching for the products or services that interest them. By doing this, they will be able to find companies that offer relevant information about the users’ search queries. This information is presented to users as company storefronts. Users can then pull this information into their own personal workspaces that they have created, and organize and cluster this information in whichever way they would like. Finally, users can share their workspaces with their friends on Facebook, as well as offer help and give guidance to their friends that have shared their own workspaces.

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