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Team Immersion presents FlyTalk: a unique mobile application to help you through your journey. Based on a year of research FlyTalk is designed to provide manageability of airport information while giving personalized and a way to communicate with other travelers as well as airport officials.

This project is a colloborative effort between five masters students in the Masters of Human-Computer Interaction (MHCI) program at Carnegie Mellon University and the University Of Madeira, and Logica’s Service Design Lab.

The Challenge

Creating a context-aware application that would improve the experience of air travelers.

The Solution

FlyTalk is a mobile application designed to provide travelers just the right information, at just the right time. To meet the needs of the traveler, FlyTalk provides three levels of information: a base level of existing information, a middle level of context-aware information, and top level of communication and personalized help.

Base Level: Existing Information

The base level consists of relatively static information that all travelers need. Examples include flight number, boarding time, a map of the airport, and a list of services.

Middle Level: Context-Aware Information

The middle level provides context-aware information that updates dynamically based on the traveler’s time and location. Examples include a personalized itinerary, a customized map showing the traveler’s route through the airport, and dynamic walk and wait times.

Top Level: Personalized Help

Finally, the top level gives travelers a voice when they need personal attention. FlyTalk allows travelers to propose questions to their flightmates or official entities in order to have help for their specific situations. FlyTalk consolidates these three levels of information into one smart design. As a result, FlyTalk addresses the main challenges that travelers face.

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