Valentina Nisi, PhD

Valentina Nisi, PhD
Assistant Professor, Vice President of M-ITI
Location Aware Narrative, Service Design, Embodiment, Sustainability, Digital Culture and Media
+351 291 70 5191
2.58 at UMa
Teaching activities: 
  • Comunicação Visual (undergraduate)
  • Multimedia Animation (undergraduate)
  • Embodied Interaction (MHCI)
  • Designing Interactive Narratives ( MHCI, MET)
  • Interface and Interaction Design (MHCI)
  • Service Design (MHCI, MET)
  • Capstone project I and II (MHCI, MET)

MSc in Multimedia, Trinity College, Dublin

PhD in Interactive Location Based Narrative, Trinity College, Dublin

Formerly: Researcher at Media Lab Europe (MIT European Research Partner), Dublin;

Founder, Art Director, Interaction Designer at Fattoriamediale, Amsterdam

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