Dulce Pacheco, PhD

Dulce Pacheco, PhD
Postdoctoral Researcher
Cooperative work, Collaborative learning, Multidisciplinary studies, Creativity, Leadership
Room #2 @ M-ITI


Short bio:

Ph.D. Psychology, MA Human Resources Management, BA in Organizational Communication

Her first job was as journalist assistant but, short after, she start working as a professional trainer in the areas of marketing, communication, quality, and auditing. Simultaneously she worked as a quality manager, marketing manager, consultant, auditor, and set up a company on her own in the marketing/publicity area. Back in 2007, she gave up all this and acted as customer manager and auditor for two years. Then, she moved to the University of Madeira to work in the Carnegie Mellon Portugal Project, first as project manager and later as academic coordinator. Meanwhile, at the University of Madeira, she earned a doctoral degree in Psychology with a project regarding teamwork in the academia.

Since April 2016, she holds a full-time position as Postdoctoral Researcher at M-ITI, addressing the area of collaborative learning, under the M-ITI Excell project. Between August and December 2016, she was at Carnegie Mellon University as Visiting Research Faculty.


Bento, A. V., G. R. Mendes, and D. Pacheco, "Relação Escola-Família: Participação dos Encarregados de Educação na Escola", Investigação Qualitativa em Educação / Investigación Cualitativa en Educación: CIAIQ 2016, 07/2016.
Pacheco, D., "Teamwork in the academia - An Empirical Study", Faculdade de Artes e Humanidades, vol. PhD, Funchal, Universidade da Madeira, 01/2016.
Soares, L., and D. Pacheco, "Co-work between University Teachers: Is it Possible to Build a Common Language?", International Journal of Advanced Corporate Learning, vol. 7, issue 3 (5-7), pp. 1-3, 10/2014.
Soares, L., and D. Pacheco, "Co-work between University Teachers from Different Fields: Is it Possible to Build a Common Language?", ICELW 2014, The International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace, New York: Kaleidoscope Learning, NY, 2014.