M-ITI week detailed program

M-ITI week – Entertain and interact



- May 16th, 2012 -


Opening concert: Müzték - a dialog between arts and technology, music and visual

@ UMa, Colégio dos Jesuítas lobby

Piano: Menghua Lin
Dance: Amber Kao
Visual: Monchu Chen, Antonio Gomes
Kinect: Monchu Chen

Les Misérables - I Dreamed a Dream - Claude-Michel Schönberg (1944 - )

Air on the G string - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

Partita No.2 in C minor BWV 826 - Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)


Piano Sonata No.1 in C major K279 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 - 1791)

Preludes Op.28 - Frédéric Chopin (1810 - 1849)


- May 17th, 2012 -


Interactive Yoga Studio

@ UMa, Floor 2, Room 31

A demo of a yoga studio where your yoga practice will be interactive with the technology. We used sensors and videos to enhance the daily yoga practice. Come and watch the short demo!


Interactive art installation - "Mozart Sonata K.279"

@ UMa, Floor 2, Room 31

Mozart Sonata K279 Visualization and Experimental Kinetic Interaction


§  Demo with interactive table

@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2

Tabletop devices enable users to interact with a computer application in an intuitive and natural way, by touching on the horizontal computer screen, or manipulating physical objects on the surface. Moreover, the physical affordances of the table enable groups of people to get equalitarian access to the computer application. This opens new possibilities of entertainment and computer gaming for children, by combining videogame concepts, with more traditional children activities using conventional toys. We are going to present new innovative, collaborative, competitive and creative tangible videogames using our own prototype of tabletop device.
Music: http://youtu.be/kv6bdJuZdww
Pirates: http://youtu.be/bfi2bSHewEk


§  Demo of a Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring system for energy consumption disaggregation

@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2

It is a well known fact that humans deeply misunderstand energy consumption, and perhaps its invisible nature is one of the main reasons for this. The truth is that the task of quantifying something that hides from the human senses is merely impossible. Lets face it, everybody knows electricity, but nobody has actually been in direct contact with it (with exception of the brave ones that have dared to touch live wires!).
In this demo we will be presenting our latest advances in energy monitoring through our innovative Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) framework and eco-feedback prototypes.


§  Serious games for stroke rehabilitation

@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2

This project is a collaboration between the Madeira-ITI, SESARAM and Myomo Inc. to develop a new generation of neuroscientifically grounded robot assisted training by means of novel interactive and gaming technologies for stroke patients.
myRehab provides a scientifically gounded rehabilitation training that adapts to the patient needs by adjusting game training parameters and the level of assistance of a portable neuro-robotic device.


§  Madeira Illustrated by Andrew Picken: Interactive!

@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2

The interactive installation aims to improve the museum visitor experience, by introducing a completely new and natural way of interaction, as well as promoting an important collection of antique prints that are part of the Casa-Museu Frederico de Freitas, a well-known museum in Funchal.
Through natural movements of getting closer or moving away from the image visitors will explore each of the prints painted by Andrew Picken during his visit to the island of Madeira, in the nineteenth century. The visitor is carried to another era where he can (re) discover landscapes, customs and traditions of the Ancient Madeira.



@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2


VJ performance - THE MELTING POT

@ Madeira Tecnopolo, Floor 2

'The Melting Pot' is an experimental audio visual piece that celebrates the diversity of cultures represented by members of the M-ITI community. It's a journey that takes you through sounds and images from 16 countries spanning Asia, Europe and Americas.

- May 18th, 2012 -


Opening session

Sala do Senado @ UMa, Floor -2


Team Uniecho – Project Novabase

Sala do Senado @ UMa, Floor -2


Team Promethean – Project Logica

Sala do Senado @ UMa, Floor -2


Team Euphoria – Project Parque Natural da Madeira

Sala do Senado @ UMa, Floor -2


Team Whale’r’u – Project Museu da Baleia

Sala do Senado @ UMa, Floor -2


Madeira D`Honra

Bar dos docentes @ UMa, Ground Floor


Opening of "eco-marino" interactive exhibition

@ Museu da Baleia, Caniçal


Demo of “eco-marino” interactive exhibition

@ Museu da Baleia, Caniçal