Walking with Geo-Zombie: A pervasive game to engage people in urban crowdsourcing

TitleWalking with Geo-Zombie: A pervasive game to engage people in urban crowdsourcing
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsPrandi, C., P. Salomoni, M. Roccetti, V. Nisi, and N. J. Nunes
Conference Name2016 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC)
Date PublishedFebruary
Keywordsaccessibility, Cameras, computer games, crowdsourcing, games, Geo-Zombie, georeferenced data, Global Positioning System, Mobile communication, mobile computing, people engagement, pervasive game, smart cities, smart city, smart phones, urban accessibility, urban crowdsourcing, urban field trials with results

In this paper we present results gathered from field trials while using a pervasive game, called Geo-Zombie. It intermixes reality with virtual zombies, providing a game experience to be lived in the urban environment. Geo-Zombie is designed for a specific goal: engaging people in collecting geo-referenced data about urban accessibility. The game has been designed with the aim to involve a large number of players/volunteers in the activity of signaling urban barriers while walking. To get ammo to react to a zombie attack, in fact, players can sense/map (crowdsensing) urban barriers and facilities and transmit those information back to an operative center (crowdsourcing). With the aim to assess the efficacy of Geo-Zombie, we conducted real experiments contrasting three different mobile apps, specifically designed to: i) simply collect urban information without providing any gaming experience (Basic), ii) reward volunteers that participate in the crowdsourcing activity (Reward), and iii) provide fun and entertainment to players who contribute (Geo-Zombie). We here provide results along two different perspectives: a quantitative one (e.g., number of collected data and similar) and a qualitative one (i.e., the players' experience). These results confirm the feasibility and suitability of our approach and stimulate interesting discussions