Sensor systems Assistant Researcher

Closing date: 
29 September, 2016
1 year
see Person Specification
Job Purpose: 

One full time vacancy is open for research and development in the scope of Regional Project Regional Project M1420-01-0145-FEDER-000002/ RH017, co­-financed by “Madeira 1420”.

The work to be developed is the study and development of an innovative sensor system capable of reading environmental information (temperature, air quality, humidity, etc.) from Touristic Points of Interest (POIs) and also WiFi tracking and connection with other sensors placed in vehicles

(buses, boats, etc.) and even animals (marine bird and mammals). 
The goal of the system is to produce environmental data about the Island and its interface with the Ocean. 
The system should be based on low-costs technologies and powered by solar panels / batteries.
Work Location: Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute – Madeira – Funchal 

Scientific Advisor: Prof. Dr. Duarte Nuno Jardim Nunes 

Fellowship value: The monthly maintenance stipend is of 745€ net, according to the Portuguese directives from the ministry of science and education

This value can be complemented with social security reimbursement if the researcher subscribes the voluntary SSV according to the Portuguese Law – Lei Nº. 202/2012, de 27 de Agosto.

Requirements: Candidates are required to have an academic degree

in Computer Science or Engineering. Research related experience is desirable. Fluency in English is mandatory.

The research grant is predicted to start on the 3rd of October 2016. 
The grant is for a period of 12 months, which it can be extended for periods of 6 months

until the end of the project. 


Selection Criteria: The jury will select the candidates based on a curricular evaluation and, if necessary, using job professional interviews. The selection criteria is the following:

- Education Background and graduation (40%)

- Technology related skills relevant for the project execution (30%)

- Experience in related tasks (20%)

- English language skills (10%)

Members of the Jury: Prof. Dr. Nuno Jardim Nunes Prof. Dr. Diogo Cabral and Prof. Dr. Valentina Nisi.

How to apply: 

All candidates should present their applications by e-mail (to: ).

The application must include:

- Letter of introduction, explaining how the candidate is covering the requirements);

- CV (Europass) with a photo;

- Copy of all certificates that prove the habilitations mentioned in the CV.