Postdoctoral Research Position with a focus in the area of: Critical Technical Practice.

Closing date: 
31 December, 2016
Job Purpose: 

Postdoctoral Research Position

The Critical Technical Practice (CTP) Group  

Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute


The CTP Group at Madeira-ITI seeks postdoctoral researcher with a focus in the area of: Critical Technical Practice.

Technology is an aspect of human culture, but its political dimension is consistently dissimulated. By turning to the work of critical historians, sociologists, and anthropologists of science, we can design technologies for citizens rather than consumers, and resist regressive technologies that legislate on the sly. Borrowing Agre's term "Critical Technical Practice," our lab seeks to develop technologies that defy norms of engineering and markets, and ultimately to break Moore's law.

The postdoc would work with ERA Chair Prof. Chris Csikszentmihalyi, other CTP Faculty, graduate students, and staff to help build our research direction of sociotechnical innovation. S/he would produce original research, contribute to grant writing, and have the option of teaching if interested. The ideal candidate would have demonstrated technical ability motivated by strong interest in the sociopolitical dimensions of technology; be able to conduct independent and collaborative research; and an interest in working in a multi-disciplinary research environment. They should include a portfolio (or links to examples) of experience in sociopolitical technology design and/or scholarship in STS or related fields. These might include, but are not limited to: STS-informed Technology, Critical Design, Appropriate Technology, Citizen Science, Technology for Activism, or related fields.

The CTP Group was founded in 2015 to develop technologies for an expanded range of human experiences. It is funded through the European Commission’s ERAChair program, designed to attract top candidates to beautiful but outlying parts of Europe. Our lab features state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, including CNC machine tools and electronics fabrication, as well as more traditional artisanal tools. Madeira-ITI is one of the top HCI centers in Europe, recently evaluated with the highest mark of "Excellent" by Portugal’s national science foundation (FCT). Madeira itself is a small semi-autonomous island, located off the coast of Morocco with a quarter million people, beautiful landscape, and temperature near 20 degrees all year.

Candidate Requirements:

The candidate should have earned a PhD or equivalent terminal degree in a related field by December 2016. The candidate must show evidence of the ability to design and execute sociotechnical research projects.  

How to apply: 

Applications will remain open until 31st of December 2016 or until the position is filled. Letters of interest and CV's should be sent to: