Madeira Story Generator: Prospecting Serendipitous Storytelling in Public Spaces

TitleMadeira Story Generator: Prospecting Serendipitous Storytelling in Public Spaces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNunes, N. J., V. Nisi, C. Jorge, and J. Hanna
JournalEntertainment Computing
Date Published05/2016

In the light of the increasing adoption of participatory culture means by general consumers, this paper describes the design process, evaluations and discussion on four studies on public interactive storytelling system addressing findings and limitations in regards of its participatory nature. Previous bodies of work within interactive artworks and public displays cite difficulty in attracting passersby attention. Through an iterative design process and refinements to the storytelling concept, we advanced our experience of the mechanics of digital storytelling’ and passersby engagement within each space studied. This paper aims to share our research highlights, encountered difficulties and how the applied evaluation methods stood up to the task within public spaces that aren’t as easily accessible for research, such as airport terminals. Our findings further seek to go beyond a traditional technology-centered approach while examining the relationship between individual, object, and public spaces.

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