Rethinking User Generated Location Rating: Where Does the Lion Get its Share?

TitleRethinking User Generated Location Rating: Where Does the Lion Get its Share?
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsMarfia, G., F. Muzzarelli, G. Matteucci, V. Nisi, and N. J. Nunes
Conference NameCHItaly 2015
Date Published10/2015

Mobile devices and web pages increasingly set not only the direction, but also the pace taken in many everyday life activities. In essence, the lives of many people today follow algorithmic paths, provided by navigation units and by social recommendation systems. Although this improves the efficiency and functionality of many tasks, this process may also lead to a standardized, and, perhaps, oversimplified approach to reality. In essence, many likes on social pages (e.g., Facebook), star ratings on leading traveler websites (e.g., Tripadvisor) and reviews provided by the online crowd may lead the lion’s share of users to visit only a limited number of locations. This means that in many cases, people with very different backgrounds, taste, cultural awareness and sensitivity may end in the very same places while missing more appropriate ones, be them historical or commercial. The work presented in this paper aims at moving a first step in unveiling such problem, and experimenting with possible working strategies which may better represent the significance of a location, while still conserving the simplicity of the most commonly utilized evaluation systems