Workshop - Information Visualization



by Robert Spence

Professor Emeritus of Information Engineering
Senior Research Investigator


For 2017 this course will meet on 6th to 10th and 13th to 17th of March from 4:00 - 7:00.


Objectives of the Information Visualization workshop

To instill, in the student:
• An awareness of the potential offered by information
• A familiarity with the underlying concepts of information visualization,
achieved via a series of design exercises.
• An ability to assess whether information visualization is relevant to your
personal and professional interests
• An ability to make some immediate use of the techniques discussed.
• An ability to assess both the benefits and shortcomings of available
software products involving information visualization.
Information Visualization: Design for Interaction
Robert Spence
Prentice-Hall 2007
ISBN 0-132-0655-09 or 9-780-132-0655-04