Launching RootIO


M-ITI's ERA Chair & Scientific Director Chris Csikszentmihályi is currently in Uganda launching his community project called RootIO. Chris, who considers himself an artist, designer, and technologist, seeks to blend the best of radio with the best of the Internet.

RootIO community radio; the first of its kind to be deployed in the world, is an innovative radio technology with a potential to revolutionize last-mile communication in hard to reach and war ravaged areas. The technology uses a mobile phone for broadcasting.

An inexpensive but highly networked radio technology is designed to be affordable by a rural community. The new technology uses a smart phone to replace a radio studio, and affordable solar power to replace expensive national grid electricity or generator.

Although the internet and social networks have revolutionised the rich world, millions of people in poor countries don't even have radio broadcasts in their own language. Traditional radio stations need a building with sound equipment that links to a powerful antenna. But as advances in electronics have driven computation into smaller and cheaper packages, it has become possible to run a whole radio station with little more than a phone.

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UT Austin Workshop


On the 1st and 2nd of June M-ITI will be hosting the UT Austin Partnership workshop. This two-days event will bring faculty from University of Texas in Austin, from the University of Porto and the New University of Lisbon, as well as alumni from the programs hosted by this partnership.

The scope of the workshop is twofold:

  • to bring the involved network members together in an attempt to enhance communication and collaboration between the participating universities;
  • To disseminate the Doctoral Program Digital Media for which M-ITI also serves as hosting institution. 


Our community and prospective students are invited to join on June 2nd, at Madeira Tecnopolo floor -1, to interact with the invited faculty and gain valuable insights about the program and alumni experiences.

MHCI Capstone Projects Presentation



The end of a successful chapter in students' life is always an important mark.


This was an intense semester and the work done has to be shared with the community.


M-ITI and the students of the Masters in Human Computer Interaction (MHCI) kindly invite you to participate in the Capstone Projects Presentation on May 20th at 15h:00 at Classroom.


This event represents the MHCI mid-term presentation. Teams Push and WavesFM will present their progresses so far. 


Capstone Projects Presentation

MHCI and MET students will be presenting their Capstone Projects on May 20th starting at 3pm in the Classroom

More information coming soon!

M-ITI Seminars

Madeira-ITI organises seminars and invited talks in the areas of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction.
Marco Freitas
15 May, 2015 - 14:00

Marco Freitas, MEI student will be presenting his master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Simone Ashby and Prof. Julian Hanna. The master thesis is entitled:

Prototyping Citizen X: 
Designing a Mobile Platform for Civic Engagement and More Walkable Cities

Maurits Kaptein
5 May, 2015 - 16:00


In this talk, Dr. Maurits Kaptein will talk about his work on Persuasion Profiling: an attempt to make persuasive technologies more effective by personalizing the arguments used to motivate users. Maurits will show examples of the use of persuasion profiles both in healthcare as well as e-commerce. After introducing Persuasion Profiles Maurits will present a broader view on the personalization of interactive technologies: Maurits will present a mathematical formalization that allows researchers and practitioners to quantitatively compare different personalization attempts. Finally, Maurits will discuss his recent work on computationally feasible solutions to contextual bandit problems and how these can be of use for large-scale personalization.

Short bio:

Dr. Maurits Kaptein (1983) is a scientist and entrepreneur. He obtained his Ph.D. with honors in a joint research project by the Technical University of Eindhoven and Stanford University. During his Ph.D. Maurits worked for Philips Research where he designed and improved technologies aimed at making users more active. Next, Maurits worked as an assistant professor of Statistics at the Tilburg University. Currently Maurits works at the Artificial Intelligence department of the Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen where his research work focusses on personalization of the internet. He is also a Co-Founder and the Chief Scientist of Science Rockstars (, a company that was sold to Webpower b.v. late 2014. Maurits his scientific work on Persuasion Profiles has been published in leading journals such as the Journal of Interactive Marketing. The work has also been featured in popular press: Magazines like Wired (USA), Blink (UK), and Bright (NL) covered his work. In November 2012 Maurits published his first book: "Digital Seduction" (English translation expected April 2015).

Research posts

M-ITI often participates in international conferences. Here is a list of the latest conference presentations
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