Open call for PhD scholarships and Post-Doctoral Fellowships - Q&A Session

Q&AWe are pleased to announce that FCT (Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology) and ARDITI (Regional Agency for the Development of Research, Technology and Innovation) have open calls for post-doc fellowships and PhD studentships.

M-ITI will be hosting a Q&A session about the Doctoral Programs and scholarship applications Tuesday 28th April at 5pm in the Classroom.


We kindly recommend reading the documents and preparing questions ahead so that the sessions can be more functional and helpful.



Best PhD Student Award at SustainIT 2015



Filipe Quintal, M-ITI Researcher, has just won Best PhD Student Award at SustainIT 2015 with Exploring the Dimensions of Eco-feedback in the Wild.

Congratulations Filipe!

Apply to the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge 2015

We have now entered the 6th edition of the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, an initiative from Fraunhofer AICOS, whose main objective is to reward the scientific investigation with “practical utility” in Portuguese Universities.
To apply to the Fraunhofer Portugal Challenge, please read the Terms and Conditions and submit your idea by using the application template (mandatory) and filling in the Online Registration Form, until the 22nd of July 2015.

M-ITI Seminars

Madeira-ITI organises seminars and invited talks in the areas of Computer Science and Human-Computer Interaction.
Andreea Bonea
17 March, 2015 - 15:00


Andreea will give her perspectives on making interdisciplinary groups work, comparing her experience from the US corporate world with the European NGO's, with a close eye on the Sponge experimental group.

Short bio:

Andreea Bonea is a well versed Project Manager who’s expertise and qualifications were retained and further developed by internet giants such as Google and Yahoo Inc. She managed tactical roll outs of key products and platforms for both companies.
As a freelance Project Management Professional in Europe, she strives to infuse her Silicon Valley corporate tech expertise into the European Non Profit sector. In this respect she’s already had fruitful collaborations with Open Knowledge Foundation, the Sponge Media Lab and Mozilla Knight Foundation.

Stefan Candea
17 March, 2015 - 14:00


Stefan will talk about how his investigative searches in Eastern Europe evolved during the last decade, from paper files to huge data-sets, from local to cross-border. Chasing the information requires more and more the help of other skilled people, like hackers - this collaboration bringing interesting ethical challenges. Hi will also present his ongoing research into the health of cross-border networks for investigative journalism. 


Short bio:

Stefan Candea is an investigative journalist and co-founder of the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (CRJI), a nonprofit registered in Bucharest, Romania. His cross-border investigative stories on organized crime won several international awards.
During the recent years, Stefan started Sponge, an open and collaborative media innovation lab for Eastern Europe. The lab created an in-depth magazine, The Black Sea, a lifeboat for journalism in the region. He is the initiator of Investigative SmartGrid, a new, open business model for a modular journalistic enterprise that was shortlisted for the European Press Prize 2013, the Innovation Award.
A member of the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism, he teaches investigative journalism at Bucharest University, is doing his PhD on cross-border networks for investigative journalism at University of Westminster and the European Institute for Journalism and Communication Research and was the 2011 Carroll Binder Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.

Research posts

M-ITI often participates in international conferences. Here is a list of the latest conference presentations
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